Thursday, April 12, 2012

Santiago, Chile

This afternoon I had a word from Holy Spirit about a person limping with a cane on a bus. Well when we stepped off our bus to take the Metro to a downtown area in Santiago, Chile we literally saw people with canes limping around everywhere we were walking! It was like instantly after I stepped off the bus I saw the first guy with that issue. We went after the first guy I saw and never found him, but we found three other people limping with canes and stopped for them. The first guy said he was in a rush but we said please, real quick we will pray for you. He had been paralyzed on the left side of his face from something like a brain tumor. I laid my hand on his face along with Liney Arciniegas and Kurt Weller; we began to thank Jesus for healing this man. He looked at us shocked; he said he felt an indescribable presence all over his face! haha Oh we told him what that was, blessed him and he walked away. He said, I have to go now in bewilderment. The next lady we saw and approached had a serious right back condition; I think it may have been from a pinched sciatic nerve. She also was walking with a cane. She said of course we could pray, so we did, right there in a busy, downtown intersection. Any place and at any time Jesus is longing and willing to move on behalf of the highest and most valuable of His creation. She began to weep as we began to receive personal words of edification in the knowledge of Jesus over her. She said, “No one ever speaks Life like that into me and over me. I could just stand here all day and listen to what you are speaking to me.” We then after Liney embraced her in her weeping through the touch of God, asked her how the back felt. She stopped and said she had felt something all over her back. We knew immediately she had received her full healing. We took her big crutch and asked her to try to walk and put her full weight on her legs. She took off like a gun and walked in full strength!! We were freaking out, jumping up and down because she walked back to us and said she has never been able to walk without pain and the assistance of her cane! She walked away from us holding her cane, not using it, because she does not need it anymore. She said, “I will give this to someone else”, as she bubbled up with joy. This makes Jesus look so worthy and glorious. It declares Him Lord and crowns Him as King over all creation. It is a platform where by He runs the person who has disqualified themselves the most down, confronting them with outlandish, unmerited, love and goodness; thereby securing what He has lovingly desired all along: their heart of love and admiration back to Him. He becomes most precious and treasured through the evidence of a sign of healing in His name alone, because the sign is just a sign pointing to this: that He truly does live forever more! He is risen friends. In love and unapologetically I will zealously pursue a life of miracles because Jesus did. I will do it by all the passion that He has for people as He produces it in me. It is a lifestyle in deed, but if I claim to know Him and abide in Him, I ought to walk as He walked (I John2)! Around 40 percent of the gospels consists of relating the healing and miracle ministry of Jesus! This is normal Christianity in the Kingdom of God which as of right now is within us, longing to break forth out of us like the ever flooding river of life it is (Luke17; John7). It’s called a sign and a wonder because its the signs that cause us to stand in awe and wonder of the majesty of Christ, who always does all things well! YEA Jesus!Much Love in Christ,Ben

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  1. Wahooooooooo....amazing. So good, more grace, peace, power and love to you all.