Monday, May 28, 2012

Across the Continent

We drove across across south america last week from santiago Chile to Buenos Aires Argentina. Night before last we arrived at 9pm and drove around until 1am looking for the local church we were going to stay at. We ended up sleeping on the side of the road. Yesterday we showed up at Claudio Freidzon's church. A revival started there 20 years ago and he had our team come up for prayer and relea...sed that mantle that he received over us. We hung around for a while because we had no place to go and the church ended up putting us up in a nice hotel and are taking care of us. Praise God for the body of Christ that they can receive a group of 25 young dirty, tired missionaries showing up on their doorstep and see Christ in us and take us in as thier own family

Monday, May 14, 2012

ushuaia, the end of the world

We arrived last week in Ushuaia,  the furthest south city in the world.  It was cold and beautiful.  The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans connecting just before us and snowy mountain peaks all around the city.   We arrived by bus about 9pm not sure where we were going to stay.  Someone from the previous church we were staying at in Chile had made contact with a Baptist Church here for us to work with but we had not had any direct contact or confirmations that arrangements had been made.  We got together and prayed thanking the Lord for bringing us to the end of the world and asking for direction.  We decided that we were all hungry and would first go find a place to get something to eat and then figure out where we would stay.  After we prayed, a man was standing there at the bus stop from the Baptist Church and had us all follow him to the church where there was a large welcoming party and a feast of hamburgers and empanadas. 

The following morning was Sunday and the church asked us to minister at their morning service.  We shared Testimonies, preached and then prayed for people.  The power of God was present and people were crying, being filled with the Holy Spirit, falling on the floor and being healed in their hearts and bodies.  This was not the normal service for this church but they had opened their hearts to us and to what Jesus wanted to do there and they received His smile on them.  The Church took us into their homes and families for the week and took care of us and fed us for the duration of our time there.  We ended up ministering in a different church almost every night of the week although we had no previous contacts there.  God showed up every night in a special way and met people where they were at and showered His love on us.

While at the end of the world Tanya was able to get an ultrasound and see the little baby growing in her belly.  She is due around November 2nd.   She is feeling great and we are excited that our family is growing.  We are now for the first time on our journey no longer heading south but on our way back up the map to pick up our vehicles in Santiago Chile and drive across to Buenos Aires, Argentina and on into Uruguay.   We really appreciate all your prayers and support. 

Jesse, Tanya and Zoe

Monday, May 7, 2012


we are at World's End, Ushuaiah Argentina the most furthermost south city in the world. A nice baptist church received us last minute and are taking such good care of us. Holy Spirit is showing and everyones falling on the ground and getting healed in the hearts and bodies.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I am Undone, Iris Ministries South America

We were in yet another bus station, in the middle of nowhere. We needed to figure out what our next steps would be to get “to the end of the world”. As we broke up into groups to get all the information available for travel (by bus, air or boat), I realized that we were not being blown by the winds of the Holy Spirit at this point… we were being blown by the wind of our finances and what “looks” right. With the information we got, we all got together and prayed to see where God would have us go. ALL of us felt to go to Punta Arenas by bus. We quickly bought our tickets and were off in less than an hour for a 6 hour bus ride. The last bus we took was a 12 hour overnight drive. Needless to say, by the time we arrived in Punta Arenas, we were all exhausted and ready for bed. On the bus I was thinking, “I don’t know why You want us to go here, it’s not exactly on the way”, but it’s really nice to know that whatever we are doing, we are in the center of God’s will for us. I don’t have to know all the answers, all I have to do is be obedient. We are starting to get the hang of entering a new city, the moment we get in we find a place to all hang out while a small group goes out to find the best place for all of us to stay. One of our family members, Liz, will pray for all the things we need (internet, cheap, hot showers and a bed for everyone) and ask God to lead her to where she needs to go to find it. This time the Lord led the search party to a hostel called Barefoot Backpackers Inn. This place was perfect, everyone got a bed and all the other things we needed. The next morning was Sunday. Jesse heard Hill Song worship music coming from the church across the street; none of us noticed it was even there the night before when we arrived. Jesse told Taylor Lindsey about the church and felt in his heart that he was not supposed to go, but that he should stay back and allow Taylor to go alone. Basically, a long story short, Taylor ended up sharing in the front and prophesying over the church, they were so touched and encouraged that they gave him a part of the offering they had that day. Taylor had just run out of money the day before. They were so excited that we were there; they wanted to minister with us, for us to show their young adults how to be intentional with God’s love. This Church has been praying for missionaries and revival for two years since the pastor’s daughter received a heavenly vision when she was 14 and wrote a book about it; that revival was coming to Chile and going to start from here. They also provided us with families to house us while we are here so that we wouldn’t have to pay for food and lodging. It was such an amazing provision from the Lord because even we had run completely out of money and our bank accounts were at zero for the first time since we left on this journey. Oh man, just hearing the testimony from Taylor and of how they honored him, I was humbled and blessed. We worshiped and I couldn’t stop crying. God is so good… being in the center of his will is the most beautiful thing ever. All the youth came together with us in the church yesterday. We shared testimonies and prayed together. The glory of God fell on us and many could not even get up off the floor when it was time to have lunch. After we had something to eat we divided into small groups and prepared to go out into the city together to minister. Each group prayed that God would give them clues or pictures of where He wanted us to go and who He wanted us to meet. Coming back it was outstanding to hear all the pictures and things that God showed earlier in prayer exactly matched up leading us to the people who He wanted to encounter. Many people on the streets were touched, healed and experienced the fire and love of God come all over them. We encouraged the church that this was not just an activity or something to do once a week with the church, but that it is a lifestyle that we live every day starting when we wake up asking God who He wants us to stop for that day and living yielded to the Holy Spirit The couple Jesse and I are staying with are the youth pastors of the church. They are beautiful people; though they cannot have kids of their own because of cancer, they are in the process of adoption. To be in their house, to pray for them, to see them with Zoe is so wonderful (they will be great parents). Yesterday before we went out to shine the light of God’s love in the streets, we had a glorious time of worship and prayer. I was able to pray for them to see the deepest desire of their hearts fulfilled… a child. It is perfect for them to adopt as well, they are overflowing with love. It is a blessing to be here, to meet more of the body of Christ, our Chilean family.