Monday, May 14, 2012

ushuaia, the end of the world

We arrived last week in Ushuaia,  the furthest south city in the world.  It was cold and beautiful.  The Atlantic and Pacific Oceans connecting just before us and snowy mountain peaks all around the city.   We arrived by bus about 9pm not sure where we were going to stay.  Someone from the previous church we were staying at in Chile had made contact with a Baptist Church here for us to work with but we had not had any direct contact or confirmations that arrangements had been made.  We got together and prayed thanking the Lord for bringing us to the end of the world and asking for direction.  We decided that we were all hungry and would first go find a place to get something to eat and then figure out where we would stay.  After we prayed, a man was standing there at the bus stop from the Baptist Church and had us all follow him to the church where there was a large welcoming party and a feast of hamburgers and empanadas. 

The following morning was Sunday and the church asked us to minister at their morning service.  We shared Testimonies, preached and then prayed for people.  The power of God was present and people were crying, being filled with the Holy Spirit, falling on the floor and being healed in their hearts and bodies.  This was not the normal service for this church but they had opened their hearts to us and to what Jesus wanted to do there and they received His smile on them.  The Church took us into their homes and families for the week and took care of us and fed us for the duration of our time there.  We ended up ministering in a different church almost every night of the week although we had no previous contacts there.  God showed up every night in a special way and met people where they were at and showered His love on us.

While at the end of the world Tanya was able to get an ultrasound and see the little baby growing in her belly.  She is due around November 2nd.   She is feeling great and we are excited that our family is growing.  We are now for the first time on our journey no longer heading south but on our way back up the map to pick up our vehicles in Santiago Chile and drive across to Buenos Aires, Argentina and on into Uruguay.   We really appreciate all your prayers and support. 

Jesse, Tanya and Zoe

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