Saturday, November 10, 2012

suriname Testimonies

Last night, Ben and I went out on the streets at around 1 a.m., to look for some cold drank. A simple task, especially in a smallish city like this. But! We quickly realized (even earlier in the week seeing several women on our corner, but not grasping the situation) that the street our hotel is on is the prostitution capital of this here small town or Paramaribo. On the way back from the store, one of the women called out to us. And even with several warnings from others standing by, Ben and I turned to speak with her, as a human, as a friend, as a daughter of a heavenly Father. After about an hour of talking, Ben and I were standing there praying with 2 prostitutes, Natalie and Jazell.....agreeing together to break off the spirit of abuse and prostitution in their city and street and inviting God's FULLNESS into their lives and the city! Haha! THey wre like, "Ya man, Amen. So let it be, Lord." They responded with surprise when we asked them to agree, but readily did so......a change in their own hearts and souls bearing witness. Dreams unlocked, baby. Holy Spirit gathering the Sons and Daughters of Glory. Amen.
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A group of us here in Suriname visited the hospitals toady. One lady who had no feeling or movement in her leg was completely healed as she got out of her bed and began to walk. Jesus was glorified and Gloria can now walk! The nurses then lead us all over the hospital trying to get us everywhere. It's fun to see Jesus in action!
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