Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wilma Wonka's Chocolate Centre Of The Universe

By Gillian Sims from Mission In Life
Following an upgraded hurricane warning, we switched plans from boating to Belizean island communities to driving down to Punta Gorda, overlooking the enticing Caribbean Sea. Our first stop was a tiny beach front shack serving hot food, run by a friendly Jocelyn. After taking our orders, Jocelyn was immediately curious as to the purpose of this large bunch of white people stopping in such a small town, and after a vague explanation, had two people lined up for us to pray for. Judy was first on the list. Recovering from eye surgery, Judy was complaining of badly blurred vision and could not see clearly to the end of the table she sat at.
We prayed and asked if she could see any difference. Judy was immediately impressed that she could now make out a team member's face at the end of the table and tell us what eye colour she had. What struck me about Judy's response was her hesitancy to accept what was happening, much like my own response to being healed. We continued to pray and soon Judy informed us she could now see clearly across the street, but by this time she had clearly accepted that she had been healed and could not stop exclaiming, "Oh my!!" "Oh my goodness, look at that!" I think the best part of seeing a person be genuinely healed is watching their reaction at the moment they realise what has just happened.
Seeing Judy's response, Anthony also asked for prayer "to stop with de drinkin". Jocelyn informed us that Anthony was a dear friend who often helped out at her small restaurant, but he had been trying to stop drinking for a long time and was having trouble. Our team was only too happy to pray, and to offer encouragement to never give up on giving up. As we prayed, Anthony unexpectedly asked to be baptised at the beach, then and there. Needing no convincing, Rowan and the boys immediately stripped off their shirts and waded into the water with Anthony, and we cheered as he vowed to start things over again, with God and with life.
All this of course, drew a crowd. I could only giggle to myself as some Caribbean mommas gathered around, declaring in their gorgeous Jamaican accents, "Baptisms!! Com as you are! Com be baptised 'ere and now, dats just how de Lord wants it." It was really a memorable moment. As if this series of events needed to be improved on, my heart skipped a beat as we walked in from the beach to discover yet another Belizean treasure: Wilma Wonka's Chocolate Centre Of The Universe. Here is a pic of my chocoholic self downing some dark Belizean with black pepper, which I can assure you, was even better than the dark Belizean with espresso, and the milk chocolate with mint...
2011-10-25 13.43.52

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