Monday, October 31, 2011

Trading the Blood of Christ on the High Places

This is not current, but I thought it powerful the transaction that took place due to our team standing in the gap for mercy to triumph over judgment in Guatemala.

I've heard it said, “The heavens belong to the highest bidder”. The ancient Mayans had revelation on this phrase due to their deep spiritual agreement with the prince of the power of the air and his demons. As the world does lay under sway of the evil one, they were a people given over to the ways in which they could worship and appease their so-called gods. Truly, they became what they worshiped (Ps.115). They built a center of all their human sacrificial temples in Tikal, Guatemala. This was the grand center of their civilization and the heart beat of it being the trading of human blood for whatever they might need before their god of the sun. We know the only, true God is not served or aided by temples made with hands, as though He needed anything, for in Him alone we live and move and have our being (Acts17). The Mayans were on to something. They understood the transaction that takes place in the heavens when blood is split in honor of a certain spirit or what they would call a deity. There is no higher price to be offered then living, human blood. The life of the flesh is in that blood, therefore it being split will fuel the life of whatever it is offered to whether of the kingdom of light or darkness. There truly can be no remission or blotting out of sins without the shedding of blood (Heb.9). Almost everything under the law was purified by blood. This was something by the influence of the demonic the Mayans came to understand, and with vehement force put into blatant practice before demons.

Our team, by the word of the Lord, was lead to these ancient temples built to worship satan. We were launched out from our own place of worship before Him with one thing in mind, that in unity, we would ascend the highest temple there and trade the blood of Christ in taking communion for the redemption and breaking of all the curses on the land and the Mayans, including all their remaining descendants, along with all of the people of Guatemala. There was even warfare in the doing of it, I felt the resistance as the kingdom of this world knew the significant, centuries old stronghold they were about to lose to a kingdom that is not of this world (John19) or of earthly creation. In the Spirit, we were about to destroy the works of the devil in that region by a simple act of faith and obedience. As being ones who are joined to the Lord, becoming one spirit with Him, we effectively under His headship made a public spectacle of every demon, as He triumphed over them in His cross, reconciling that which was lost back to Himself by His blood, in the display of His infinite might through weak vessels! We all stood atop this high place and gazed over the rest of the 6 temples with jungle all around; we then together by faith entered the most holy place by a new and living way consecrated by the veil of His torn and pierced flesh (Heb.10). On the sea of glass we worshiped and loosed His very own authority to cleanse a multitude of sins by more powerful blood and the greatest love. Though I could not fully perceive the transaction that took place in the natural, I know in the Spirit, which is His natural realm; demons trembled and fled in the terror of their defeat. It’s good to serve the King above all other self-proclaimed kings. One day their obedience will be mandatory as every knee in heaven and earth will bow (Is.45), until then, as the Day hastens; we will joyfully enforce His will and kingdom as the ambassadors of Him, being ministers of reconciliation through and by His blood alone; we are this eternal identity by His sovereign commission and grace, unto the high praise of His glory (IICor.5).

Until He Comes,
Ben Cuyler

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