Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Four National Borders in Two Days

Thank you, everyone for your prayers for this journey back to Guatemala. We are back in Honduras as of last night (11/22/2011), with our vehicle. Three of our friends from this team came with us “just for fun”; no journey like this with public transportation is without adventure.
The Lord answered your prayers for quick and safe transport. We flagged down a truck going to San Salvador; he waited for us to cross the Honduras boarder, then stopped for gas where we got the most interesting hot dogs I have ever seen, they literally had everything on it…including carrots and cauliflower. He took us to his house and agreed to take us the couple hours extra to the boarder going into Guatemala.
We got there about 2:30 pm and flagged down another truck. This one had a family in it; a more wealthy looking bunch. Everyone got in the back, while Zoe and I had to sit in the cab. The lady drove quick and sharp, passing up every car we came across and swerving around the bends at 80km/h. She would slam on her breaks when we came across speed bumps and I would go flying into the back of her seat and holding onto Zoe with everything I had in me. Buy the time we arrived in Guatemala City we were all thankful to get there in one piece and a bigger miracle none of us threw up, even though several of us were on the verge of it. Now all we needed to do was get a taxi to take us to the mechanic… we got the smallest taxi known to all mankind. And we fit five of us adults, Zoe and all our backpacks in this “smart car” or whatever it was. While the driver was distracted on the phone figuring out where to take us, we got Victor in the trunk that was about two feet wide and four feet long.
By this time we were all starving, we debated to get dinner first but figured it was better to get the car settled and let this guy go home. BUT NOT BEFORE AN HOUR LONG TEST DRIVE!! The bill to fix the transmission was $200, you all should have seen the sight of us, we were getting Dollars and Quetzals (Guatemalan money) from all five of us adding it up and figuring what the currency was and everything. Buy the end of it, we had the exact change for the guy, we prayed for him, he lead us to where the hotels and restaurants were and we said goodbye. Thank you Jesus, there was a Pizza Hut… and not only that but we got a free basket of chicken and a free pitcher of Pepsi just because we had to wait 5 minutes longer that what they said it would be.
We stayed in a hotel with nice beds and hot showers. I forgot that it could be possible to take a shower without hurrying for the person after you or praying the hot water would last for everyone. You betchya, I took my sweet time in that shower. Surprisingly Zoe wasn’t able to sleep well and was tossing all over me, and I started sneezing and blowing my nose as though I had a cold or an allergy attack or something. Then in the middle of the night Zoe says she has to go poopoo. I take off her one piece nighty and set her one the toilet. We waited for over five minutes in silence until she finally said, “there’s nothing in there”. We put everything back together and went back to bed. Only two minutes later, Elizabeth started crying out, “no NO, MOM!!” I jumped up and began to pray over her and wake her up, holding her face in both of my hands. I demanded that the enemy WILL NOT be able to steal the blessing of this hotel and the good night that came with it. We all slept a bit better after that. In the morning, we find out that Elizabeth actually had a dream that thieves were steeling things out of her car and she was calling out, “no!” and calling her Mom to help her.
We left the hotel at 7:30am, hit the road all day to get through those two boarders all in one day. WE MADE IT. The Honduras boarder took us well over 2 hours to get through the first time and this time it was about half an hour. Thank you Lord for all the answered prayers, for the blessing and the stretchings the life in You brings. Thank you for these faithful friends who lift us up constantly before Your thrown, they are a blessing and a wellspring of strength to us. Bless them a hundred times over, I pray.

by: Tanya Gellatly

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  1. Wow guys!! I pray for more and more favor! thanks for all the updates. I'm so interesting to know more! c'mon Jesus!!!