Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Prison in Honduras

Our team has gone into the prison in Honduras twice is these last couple days now. People are giving their lives to Jesus and being healed of sickness, being set free behind bars. Some of us went into the Maximum security section today and got locked in with no guards. They even left the gate so that it took ten minutes for them to come back and open it when we were ready to leave. It was all MS13 members in there looking mean and tough. Some of them hung out with us the whole time and were open and hungry for the Gospel. Others were intimidating, not letting up of their fierce hard look while greeting them. We prayed and prophesied over them and then asked if we could walk to the end past the other rooms which were all open back there. They told us it was only safe as long as we stayed in that area where there was a manger scene painted. But they agreed to take us through. We found ourselves in the very back small room surrounded by them and we loved on them with just Taylor, Elizabeth, Katherine, Serena and I. We felt some crazy feelings coming from some of them but Jesus in there with us kept us safe and used us to pour out His love on there lives.

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