Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Love is an Experience.......

Teaching doesn't build a fire; nor does it light the
wood with any flame of boldness.

To sit under teaching in order to gain increased nearness
to the desire of your heart is 2-dimensional, at best. At worst....which often
is what manifests in daily life.....the brightness of glory-light, the
butterflies of excitement, those pure and undefiled yearnings for intimacy and
the boldness to gain the presence of the desired thing are all lost within a multitude
of self-made assignments, schedules and the gray-fading effect of un-experienced-knowledge.

Millions of people could testify of this endemic, striving-plague to a Christian's identity. Jesus calls us in purity; raw, to His very
core, Jesus shows us His love and mysteries with abandonment and un-flinching
boldness. That is why He died for us.....so we could be with Him and He
could woo us into His love.

That is what it is about.....His wooing and our accepting.

Many scholars have written books, bigger than the
bible, on the doctrines and theories that might be held with sacred pages of
paper. But.....they never met the Man who called them to His side, as His
Bride. They never saw His love, tasted His kiss or gazed into His eyes as He
sang a special and unique song over that specific heart. Often, the pursuit of
knowledge makes us distant to the object of our admiration.

A husband doesn't study his wife, with gloves and
goggles and a white safety-suit!! Ridiculous!

He doesn't sit behind glass walls and theorize about
what his wife might be thinking; what she might be feeling and desiring. The
only way for the husband to know his wife is to be with her. He
must experience her heart and desires; and receive
them in his own being. That is what it means to know someone.
A husband kneels down to cry with his wife, to know
her heart and to feel her feelings; to be one, by the experience of pure love
in fellowship. That is what Jesus does with us. He sings unique songs over each
person....each person that He calls "My
All day long, he speaks to the heart. He caresses it in His
grace and in His un-divided attention.

................it is time for us to realize,
however...............Jesus wants our response to His love.

And, He wants it to be a face to face encounter with Him.
He is worth it all, He deserves nothing less.

Many of those hearts, which Jesus spends all day
wooing, however, never look to see His face. They never listen to hear His
song. They never sit, to hear the poems of love that the Bridegroom has written
in the night seasons for His beloved. They never even stop to consider that the
Bridegroom might actually desire to love His Bride through REAL fellowship;
real communion.
Instead...the heart busies itself with study and
Like a bride who feels in-adequate for her husband,
the heart strives to do things for its love. It seeks to give itself a small
chance of hope for affection by striving itself to blisters and weariness. As many
women know, once you strive and suffer for affection, you never get it because
your heart is actually keeping you from receiving it. It isn't the amount of
work. It is the door that needs to be opened.
To receive love requires vulnerability. To partake
in love requires rest. And for us to give love to Christ, we must first become
baptized in the reality of His burning-love, jealousy and ravishing desire
He has for us.

He calls us to experience Him.

..............He has long awaited to EXPERIENCE love with His
Bride. He wants us to come into Him; He takes away the veil. He wants us to step in.

"Come closer. Draw nearer. Dip your lips to the water of
my love, and do not hold yourself back, for you were made to drink deeply. You were made to be with me.
That is why I will have you sit with me on my throne.....because I am in utter
love with you, and I long to always have you at my side. Come away. Know me,
for I am your Beloved. And my desire is toward you

I want to K.N.O.W. Him. And I want Him to know me,
utterly and entirely. I want to be that vulnerable Bride, who rests in His
shade and surrenders myself to letting Him love me.

The Spirit and the Bride
say "Come." I want to desire my Bridegroom, and long for Him and His return. I have tasted of His love and I know His love.

......I want to know and be known.

It is our call. It is our invitation. It is the song
of wooing that groans into our hearts and awakens our love for His love.

"Let it be done in us. Let it be done in me.
Know me."

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