Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nicaragua....after a few days into it.

In Nicaragua....Climbed a volcanoe the first day here; they are everywhere here. Its been great, love it here. Nicaragua is different than the other Central American countries; in the same way that every country has its own flavor and atmosphere, so Nicaragua carries a rather isolated, independant, colorful and proudly unique smell of life.
In the next few days, several of the team members are leaving, which has brought alot of sadness to my heart.....but several new members have joined, which produces excitment for the next steps.

I bused and hitch-hiked over 2 hours away to the city of Leon, yesterday, with 5 of my teamates. In that city, there is a cathedral, which is suppososedly the largest in Central America. We traveled there to pray over the city and to declare the prophetic words God would give us to speak. I have to say, intercession is one of the most fun ways to partner with God for His work to be done in a city or country. It stokes my heart and sets my bones on fire! Heaven truly is brought down and the violent sons of God enter into it and bring it down by God's grace and direction. Yeah, funstuff.

I just bought my plane-ticket for the 2-weeks I will spend at home, for Christmas. I am excited, so excited to travel home and see my family. To my loving family....."I'm comin hoooome!!!!"

I am sad though, also, to leave the family God has fashioned my heart into here. I am thankful for the pain I feel in my heart to leave. It shows me that God is enjoying His success in making this church into His body; into an actual family that rejoices and hurts alongside each other, with full hearts of love. I feel like God is fashioning this team, pounding us into the head of His spear, or fireing us into His sword....and I am honored to be a strand of the steel in His blade.....

I believe we will spend at least two more days here (but maybe more, because we are having car trouble). Then, we head off to Costa Rica for a few days, then Panama for another few days. We are trying to get to Colombia as soon as possible! What God has planned for South America, who can guess???..........but this is sure, every son og glory feels fire in their heart for the glory of His presence bearing down to meet the earth in thunder and lightening.! ROoooooooaaar!

Jesus, we want you. Jesus, feel us yearn for you. Feel the fire we feel, and stoke our love for you into the deepening roar of a volcanoe of love.....for you. I want your love. I want you.

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