Monday, January 2, 2012

Bogota, Colombia!

Happy New Year! On New Year’s Eve we arrived in Bogota Colombia where we will be ministering for the next few days. It was nearly a 25 hour drive from Cartagena where spent a week to pick our vehicles from the port where they were shipped to from Panama. Bogota is a city with a population of ten million people high up in the Andies Mountains and is very cold especially in comparison to the extreme heat in Cartagena where we began our journey in South America. When we finally arrived in Bogota we searched the city for where we were going to stay and after encountering traffic cops wanting money and difficulty trying to keep a caravan of five large vehicles together in a big city we decided that it would be better to go out to a campsite that was available outside of the city. After driving hours and finding ourselves on narrow, steep, bumpy, dirt roads we finally arrived at sunset to what was supposed to be a campsite but was just a small grass yard in front of a little farmhouse. We attempted to bring all our vehicles and trailers into their narrow gate and driveway. We were successful until our larger motor leaned sideways in a dip and the metal gate post went through our window shattering it all over the inside of the camper. We continued through and when I jumped out of the car and went in the back door to try and help clean up the glass I realized I was tracking fresh cow poop all over the mess of shattered glass inside.

We realized that this place was super inconvenient for ministering in Bogota because of being hours outside the city and was not the place that was communicated to us where we thought we were going. We also had no food and there was no supermarket anywhere near. We decided it would be better for all of us to head back toward town and search a closer place to camp. The large motor home also barely made it to this spot because first gear went out on the way and there was no power in the motor home which barely made it to that point. But when we began our return journey at night toward the town the vehicle miraculously began working again. We found a small family owned restaurant and out of mercy they let us camp in there lot for the night. None of us were properly prepared for the cold there and most people shivered all night hardly sleeping. But from that spot we were able to overlook the city of Bogota and at midnight watch fireworks flashing all over the large city. All we wanted was to find a place comfortable enough to stay for a few days so that we could begin going out and ministering the love of God to the people. On New years morning we had to leave the restaurant at 9am and decided we would drive back to Bogota and find a place to park all of our vehicles and take one vehicle to go search out a place that would let us camp there. Less than one mile down the road we pulled over to an area with some restaurants and I felt to go and ask that if it’s possible for us to camp there. Some nice Colombian men eager to help us showed us places where we could stay there. Now we have a nice large round house with bathrooms, wifi, electricity and all for only $5 a person a night and the owners here go the extra mile cleaning everything for us and even catering awesome food for the whole team at such low cost we don’t even know how they are making any money. And we are right on the edge of the cliff overlooking the whole city from the most beautiful view on the whole mountain.
It is no doubt God’s favor and provision that brought us to this spot. We are within 20 minutes from the city and are now in action serving our Colombian friends bringing the love of Christ into this area. God has been so faithful in our journey and traveling. When we arrived in Panama it seemed that our vehicles were all falling apart and tired. We prayed and prophesied that all of our vehicles were being made new for South America and when we picked them up from the port our Motor home’s battery was completely dead because the alternator went out in Panama and I was not able to find a new one there. We jumped the battery at the port and it started up and from the point the Alternator started working again and has not had another problem. After days of traveling with all these vehicle and through intense mountains there has been no mechanical issue delaying as we had been use to experiencing a lot while in Central America. Please pray for us that the miraculous power of God would break forth manifesting His love to the hurting and lost here in Colombia.

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