Thursday, January 26, 2012

His Faithfulness

What an amazing and faithful God we have Who has adopted us into His own family as sons and daughters into eternal destiny and adventure of relationship growing in Knowing the never-ending One. Over a month in the nation of Colombia we are blown away by the hospitality and generosity of the people here. We have come to bless but I think we have been blessed more by this nation then we are able to even give back. We have experienced God breaking forth in His power as we carry His love, presence and message of hope into the churches, prisons, hospitals, red light districts, business groups, elderly homes, homeless, indigenous villages, schools, and so on.. We are ambassadors of Christ, of heaven, accessing the resource of heaven and releasing it into the needs on earth displaying that Jesus is truly risen and living. That fact that the sick get healed when we pray for them is normal and a part of our inheritance in Christ. The fact that people are coming to Christ and being saved from the fires of hell wherever we go is not because we are gifted evangelists or powerful people but simply because the harvest is ripe and people are waiting for an invitation to the wedding feast and joyfully grateful when they receive it.

One of the greatest miracles we witness is within our own team which has grown to be a beautiful family in Christ. We are leading a team of now nearly 30 people from 8 different nations, different cultures, and different personalities living in harmony through the Spirit of Christ. We are constantly in transition from place to place usually sleeping on floors or in tents, and in tight spaces. In this lifestyle for now over four months and another year in front of us it is beautifully rewarding to see the love of Christ keeping us unified despite our differences and the many difficult challenges we face. This unity I believe is the key to continually seeing the power of the Kingdom of God released in every place we go and we ask for your prayers that this unity continue and grow stronger in our family so that no weapon or scheme from the enemy would be able to penetrate through creating division.

We planned on crossing the border into Ecuador a couple days ago but because of delays with vehicle repairs we have not left yet. Please be praying with us for mechanical grace on our journeys with these same old vehicles we have been driving since Washington State for the past few months through many mountain ranges and sketchy roads. Once we arrive in Ecuador we will leave our vehicles near the capital city and then bus to the Orient jungle in the Amazon Region and take boats to indigenous villages. Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We pray God’s richest blessings poured out over your entire families.

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