Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Church Awakening in Peru

The Lord opened doors for us with a local church as we had been praying. We met with the leadership on a Saturday and I knew in my heart they would invite us to have the services the next day, that is exactly what happened. The pastor of this small church had gone to be with the Lord a year ago, having passed away because of cancer. The numbers had decreased as that man had so much invested in the people there. His wife was so receiving and honoring of us, which I believe caused God to command the blessing from His mouth because of that. She said in the leadership meeting, O we need revival; we are hungry for a move and awakening of the Holy Spirit. We were glad and excited to hear their faith and hunger level was expectant and ready for God to come and go wherever He wanted to go with them and us, who had the privilege of ministering to them.

We held what we called two “Revival Services” on Sunday. The worship was powerful as it ushered in the Presence in both of them. David brought a word on belief and the power of the Resurrected Christ in the morning. Many people responded as we called a time of impartation. Mass weeping and falling to the floor under the weight of His presence in sued after the Word went forth. Those manifestations of the Spirit were nothing we preached or said should happen if the Holy Spirit is really present; it just did due to the transference in authority and anointing the leadership granted us in releasing the Word we were carrying. Angels and demons recognize were authority has been given even by human, God ordained agents, which He put in place, and a lot of times that will determine whether light is advancing over the heavens in a certain place or not. Demonic spirits recognized that Paul knew Jesus and came in the full authority of His name at Ephesus (Acts19). Many people were being set free from different things.

One of the things we really felt to pray as we made our way over to the church for the night service was the God would be so thick in that place that the Presence would draw random people off the street to receive from Him. The worship once again created a shift and focus on Jesus. I got to bring the Word that night, I felt such fire all over my body as I felt lead just to start if off by prophesying over a couple of people the Lord highlighted. I also felt the Holy Spirit saying to leave the worship leader up on the stage and to let him strum and continue to usher in something greater, so he gladly played the whole time I spoke. What I am being burdened for in these days for the Bride is a real awakening in the NT identity of who Christ is in us and who we are in Him. Right believing will produce right living in the grace of God. Every action springs forth from a mindset that is deeply rooted in how we see ourselves in our identity before God and people. I love John 13:3. This verse depicts what really enabled Jesus and how He lived in a revelation of who He was and His Father who lived in Him, being one with Him. It says, Jesus knowing all things that all authority had been given to Him, knowing where He came FROM and where He was GOING, in that revelation He was able to live the perfect selflessness of the cross centered life. He was able to lay everything down and wash other’s feet from that place of utter boldness and confidence in the full revelation of His Sonship. He knew He was the Son of God and therefore all He ever manifested was according to that nature and power. He could freely lay down His life on His own accord and take it back up again at His own choosing because He lived in the jubilant, joyfully assured by God Himself hope of the glory of God (Rom.5)…………….

To be continued after we get back from Machu Picchu! Yes, it is one of the Seven Wonders of the World! We have very different intentions then many tourists who go merely just to gaze at its vastness. We go, sent by God, bearing the One who became a curse to redeem all the land of Peru from her bloodguilt through a long, demonic history of human sacrifice. We will take the Lord’s body and blood and partake of Him and plead that mercy would triumph over judgment on the highest temple we can find in that place just as we did in Tikal, Guatemala at the Mayan center of their ancient civilization. Now it is time for the Incans and all their descendents throughout all Peru to have the blood of Christ fight for them, declare them righteous, and continually cry out from the ground, speaking a better and perfect, sure word of their redemption (Heb.12)!

Let us hasten His return in the manner of His presence we walk in and manifest,

By Ben Cuyler

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