Friday, March 30, 2012

kingdom breaking forth in lima

Kingdom breaking out in Lima! We just approached and healed this man who had two broken bones in his right leg due to a karate accident. He was freaking out as he said he felt heat and warmth all over his leg bones. Then a wave of healing hit him and he kind of stumbled backwards. We said give your girlfriend your crutch and walk in Jesus' Name! He did! Minutes before he was suffering in pain. He said there was no pain and he was utterly shocked. He walked away after receiving Jesus with his girlfriend without the help of his crutch completely healed, walking in full strength! The kingdom came and then the King of this Kingdom was crowned Lord of their lives because of His outrageous, compassionate love. Thank You Jesus! He is alive and well people. Time to claim His inheritance in His image bearers as His ambassadors in all the world! Let's go!

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