Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jehova Jireh

We are thanking and praising the Lord right now for His provsions and faithfulness.  Out of a place of need and stressful situations we see that He is working so much through all of this to use it for His glory.  We were able to repair one of our vehicles ourselves yesterday which was the one with the most minor problem.  The mechanic called us about "New Wine", our motor home van and told us that it was ready for us to come pick up.   We drove about 130 kilometers back to where we had left it and it ended up costing twice what we thought that we were told initially.  Sometimes I wonder to myself "Are they ripping us off,  are they charging way more because of where we are from?".  Local people tell us often that people in these countries always do that just like in africa how we were always given "the white man's rate" instead of regular price.  My initial reaction is to want to argue the price down, and tell them they are trying to rip me off.  And sometimes this can be done in a nice way peacefully.   However, in this current situation we can't really know if they are charging us an outrageous price or not,  it's more just a paranoia because the costs are much more than expected.   It's also just as possible that they are honest and charging how much it is suppose to cost, and for me to try and battle for a lower price with too much effort would only make the relationship tense and cause it to be harder to be a witness for Christ with whoever we are working with.  So anyways we paid about $800 total to have our motor home van back and everyone was rejoicing when they saw it pulling back up to our camp.  We stopped by and checked on our Mid-sized motor home on the way and they had the motor all apart and praise God they had found all the parts to repair the motor!   Only $2500,  $1000 more than what we were estimated when we had to tow it there.   We just spent nearly all our months gas money to repair the last one,  and how will we continue to forward if we cannot repair our bigger vehicle.  Many individuals have already been struggling financially especially at the moment each of us applying for our Brazil visas for $190 a person.   But,  it is so easy.  How many times have we been in very similar situations like this and has there ever been a time when God did not show up and provide?  No.  He is ever faithful and leads us into these situations to help us depend on Him more and check our hearts to make sure that we place our security totally in Him and not in any amount of money in our bank account or wallet.  The mechanics need at least $1200 to buy the parts in order to start repairs which could take another week or so,  we are praying to be able to get that to them by tomorrow because we are trying to be on schedual heading to Brazil soon.  And I know without a doubt that when time comes to pick up the vehicle we will somehow have the rest of what we need and enough gas money for our journey.  Please pray for the bountiful overflow of the practical resources we need to breakforth for our entire team so that in whatever nation God brings us we are able to bless and give out generously being a burden on no one.  Pray for Tanya who to deal with all the practical numbers of accounting and records which can be a more stressful position, while I don't really have to think about those things but just keep moving forward trusting it will be there when it is time.  Please pray for the power of God to break forth in this nation with the lowest rate of evangelicals in all of South America.   He is stirring in the spirit here and about to do something so big.  We have already been experiencing the pieces of His divine orchestration unveiling a glorious picture of His time of redemption unfolding now in this nation of Uruguay.

with much love

Jesse, Tanya and Zoe

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