Tuesday, August 21, 2012


As we circle around this continentParaguay and Bolivia were the two countries furthest out of our route.  We really felt like we were not supposed toskip them so we left our vehicles temporarily in Brazil and started out on thisbus trip through these two nations.  Idon’t remember ever hearing or thinking too much about Paraguay before so I didnot have a lot of vision for the nation. We did not even have any contacts made or plans as we crossed theborder.  We got together as a team and waitedin the Lord’s presence to hear His heart for this nation and seek Hisdirection.  The Holy Spirit beganrevealing many things and we wrote everything down which gave all of us a lotof excitement and expectancy entering into this new country.  We found a hostel near the bus station and bythe following morning The Lord had already begun opening doors.  A pastor from the German Mennonite communitydrove all the way to our hostel that morning to meet us because he heard that ateam from Iris Ministries had just come into the nation.  He asked us what our plans were there and weresponded that we didn’t know what we were going to be doing but were justwaiting for the Holy Spirit to show us. An Assembly of God church that we had no previous contact with alsoopened their doors to us and let our team sleep on their church floor and weministered in the churches and on the streets. Our team went to the most crowded prison in South America and ministeredthe Gospel.  The prison is built to hold1200 people and has over 3500.  We alsowent to another town on the way toward Bolivia and spent time ministering inthe indigenous communities and praying for the sick.  Throughout our time in Paraguay we wereamazed how God opened doors to us and moved in people’s lives although we hadno plans or agenda upon entering the country.

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