Monday, October 29, 2012

Excerpt from my journey home (charlotte)

Zion was not born while I was in Fortaleza and I sort of understand where he's coming from. Swimming everyday in a warm sea of placenta love, being fed, being outwardly cuddled and content. Birth is no easy task, it requires your body to work, it requires strain and it means leaving familiarity into another world which you know you are called to but quite can't yet see why or how. You're pushed out in faith, not knowing what's around the corner but knowing the steps you must take. I feel like I've been pushed out of the stomach of the Iris team. After 8 1/2 months of forming, being tested and refined in more ways than I know, I have been growing more into my identity in Christ. Sometimes it was uncomfortable in the belly of Iris, but mostly it was full of love; a paradise for growth and a safe place for failures and shortcomings. After 9 months of molding and forming it's time to be birthed into destiny. I know it's not easy but the greater glory is waiting on the outside. It may require pain and missing the safe inside but your family will meet you and continue to support you where you're at. Zion I know your timing is perfect, thanks for growing with me and teaching me so much already. Just letting you know, I understand where you're coming from. Love you fambam. xx

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