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Holy Spirit Shows up in town Plaza in Brazil


Holy Spirit Plaza Party in Brazil (Part I)!

One night as we were passing through a town to get into northern Brasil we stopped to stay the night. We went out to get something to eat. Taylor L. is down by the entrance of this square like plaza where we were eating at. I walked down there and he walks by me and says, “Bro, come prophesy with me over these young people”. I honestly was tired but said sure I will. The Kingdom is never a matter of feeling it or not feeling it. I believe that is a key reason why the American church for the most part is sleeping in apathy and making constant agreement with powerlessness; we need to break and overcome this in America, that the sleeping ones actually would awake and THEN because of our response to Jesus’ love and glory His glory begins to shine in FULL measure (Eph.5). I know this is a prophetic call in this hour to release renewal and awakening in the Kingdom of God that truly is a matter of power not speech (ICor.4:20). Holy Spirit wash us in Your regenerative flood of renewal again in America! Faith is never dependent on an emotional experience though when we are faithful with the little He rewards us with more; He is always rewarding those who diligently seek Him (Heb.11). I am never looking for more gifts, I already have them all. Haha. He alone, Himself, is my shield and exceedingly, abundant, GREAT Reward! When we are living from the place of the One Thing that is actually needed in this hour, then we are fully protected as He is our shield even before He becomes our magnificent desire and Reward in all things!

Back to the testimony: so Taylor and I head over there at first with no translator with us, we just asked their names and tried to start up some small talk in our extremely broken Portuguese. All of these guy’s names there were so powerful, there was a James, a John I think, and a Patrick. We know there was such a saintly call on all of them and this was the night God had chosen to really call them forth in their Christ given identity.

Those names actually remind of this guy David and I chased down a long street in Santiago, Chile. He had a crutch and was limping. Seeing that was enough for me to know that if I made myself available with the fullness of the Kingdom living in me, it would actually show up because I showed up! That is Rolland Baker’s three keys to preaching, he is the founder of Iris along with Heidi Baker. Show up, Be on time, Come with a clear mind. Haha. I love the simplicity of being in Jesus, and that my friends is the one thing the enemy will always come and try through his craftiness to distract your THOUGHTS from (II Cor.11). As a man believes and thinks in his heart and mind so he is! Come on! Anyway we caught up to this guy and he says his name is “Peter Paul” LOL! I can’t tell you how many times throughout Latin America we have run into guys with the name “Jesus”. Yes, it may be a popular name, but I also know many times we encounter it, it is also a divine invitation into partnering with Jesus to see Him established and birthed in the ones He puts in front of us that actually bear His name already as His image bearers, they just don’t know it yet, that’s why we go! The world is a big orphanage. They just need ones who know they are children and sons to call them forth in truth and lead them to their real and true home in Jesus, and in themselves actually becoming the house and hosting center of the God of the universe!

Birth and send forth mighty laborers into the plentiful and ripe harvest all over the globe Abba in Jesus’ Name!

Oh boy did I call forth Peter Paul that day. We prayed for his legs and knees and a lot of the pain left and he started walking on them pain free! Ahaha. Peter Paul received the healing anointing of Jesus that day.

Rest of the original testimony to be continued in next blog . . . . . . . . .

Holy Spirit Plaza Party in Brazil (Part II)

Back to the original testimony once again. Haha. I get distracted by His gaze and greatness many times. This is actually a good distraction that I will gladly cultivate and give way to.

Within a couple minutes after Taylor and I learned some of their names our amazing Brazilian sister, Carol, came by and started to help us out with the language. We began calling each one of them out into the dreams and destines of Jesus over them. I have never seen more attentive young people on a random street then there, then in my entire life probably. When one was receiving a word, all of them would so focus and listen to what was being said. Honestly, I have never really seen anything like that night. There was originally about 5-7 young people there, both male and female. It turns out as more and more people from our team came by a lot of them starting calling all their friends to come check out all these crazy foreigners talking about Jesus in this plaza. Haha! Our team is represented by 10 different nations. So literally from 7 people the number increased to what seemed to be around 25-30 young people in a matter of minutes! They were so willing and hungry to receive. It was apparent to me that not many people ever even speak life over them like they need and deserve. They were like sponges, soaking it in. We literally had a Holy Spirit party in the corner of a random plaza where a bunch of youth gathered to receive from heaven who they really were, not what their parents had told them, or their schools, or their culture. To me that was a little glimpse of what true kingdom culture should look like.

Come on church. The TESTIMONY of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy. That is all we were doing was testifying of the goodness of the word of Christ to people so ready to receive, they did not even fully realize how dry they were until the true river of life began to flow out of us to quench true thirst, not abused, and counterfeited fleshly, demonic thirst that was born out of desire just manipulated and turned lustful by the sin nature and the devil. I seriously have committed my life to have holy passion and hatred towards the devil and the flesh. My portion will be to joyfully destroy his works with the ease of Christ’s light burden and yoke upon my back!

Thank You Abba! I love You.

Until He Comes Again We Will War And Contend For The Ones He Loves,
May The Lamb Receive The FULL Reward Of His Most Holy Suffering,
From The Amazon in Manaus, Brazil:

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